Monthly Archives: July 2014

Dawson City

  I had been making good time that morning.  Great time.  Dawson was within my reach.  Dawson City. The weather had been sunny and still and the current fast.  Progress was quick. All of that changed in the afternoon though.  I had just 5 miles to go to town and my mind was more preoccupied…
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To Dawson

Selkirk “Bakery Keep Right 6 km” A green sign along the river read . . . on the river miles from any road, miles from any village, miles from anything at all. Bakery? I could go for a nice pastry and a tea.  Dare I get my hopes up? The morning before I had spent a good 5…
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To Selkirk

After my adventures in mushroom picking, I was excited to return to the river especially after all that sooty air in the burn.  I woke up early with plans to head to a cabin just past Minto. The day was sunny and hot.  The river took me past more mountains and cliffs and islands.  I…
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