Arizona Trail

Lost in the Wave

After spending a year in the Arctic (the latter half of which involved temperatures down to 70 below and two months of darkness), a little walk in the southwest sounded like just the ticket.  The Arizona Trail caught my eye.  It is an 800-mile trail which starts at the Mexican border and heads north crossing the entire state of Arizona and terminating at the Utah border.  I decided to go for it and flew down to Tucson, hitched a ride to the southern terminus, and began to walk north.  Arizona's spring sun saved my soul. 

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AZT map

I began hiking early in the morning on February 23rd.  Southern Arizona greeted me with fantastic weather, jack rabbits, wild boar, coyotes and a botanical garden's worth of plant life.  

april 14 011

There is not much thru-hiker traffic on the Arizona Trail in early March, so I was very lucky to run into a fellow hiker who called himself GQ on the second day of the trip.  We became quick friends and after a "snowpocalypse" - a two-foot snowstorm which made travel by snowshoe necessary - we ended up hiking the rest of the trail together.  

april 14 218

The highlight of the Arizona Trail was hiking through the Grand Canyon.  On the south rim we met another thru-hiker, Jeremy, and our party grew!

april 14 144

The three of us made it to the Utah border, the northern terminus of the trail, a few days later.  It seemed cruel that the trail should finish right after the Grand Canyon!  Just as my enthusiasm for the southwest was at its peak and all I wanted was more red rock, more canyons and more adventure.  But the Hayduke and the Grand Enchantment Trail are still out there. 


In the mean time, we consoled ourselves with a trip to the wave. 

Enjoy pictures from the AZT below!

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