Heavy to Ultra-Lite and Back Again

My ultra-lite gear is used to death.  My favorite pack is so worn that when I try to sew up the holes, the fabric comes apart in my hands. It's been a funny progression.   My heaviest kit while I was figuring things out on my first trail, The Long Trail   When I started…
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Iditarod Adventures

After ten years of transitioning between remote locations and cities very quickly I have grown used to this variety of culture shock . . . or so I thought.  It has become a point of pride. . “Denali to Boston?  No problem!”  “The Cascades to St. Andrews?  Sounds good to me!”  “The Brooks Range to New York?…
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Savage Ice

“Who wants to follow me out onto the ice?” Jen asked. My three co-workers and I stood at the edge of the frozen Savage River hesitantly. I didn’t have much experience with river ice travel.  In the three other places I’ve run dogs up in Alaska, the only river crossings that I had to deal…
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