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To the Delta

I snuck out of camp at first light.  Unfortunately, the only spot to set my tarp up the night before had been over dry leaves, so it was difficult to pack up without making a complete racket.  I woke my neighbors, the two bankers from Stockholm.  I had a feeling they weren't planning on rising…
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When Dogs Hitchhike

By 11 pm I was too tired to drive any further.  I saw a sign for a hiking trail an hour or so past Jasper and decided to sneak in to park my car and sleep there.  It was very dark.  No moon that night.  I began rummaging around the front seat trying to figure…
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Post Yukon

It has been a couple of months since I made it to the Bering Sea after 2,000 miles of paddling from the headwaters of the Yukon River. The end of these adventures is always a strange thing. For months, for hundreds of miles, you have this wonderful purpose, this single goal to work towards.  It is just…
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