By mid-morning of the second day, the wind across Lake Bennett had picked up to a gale.  The waves on the water were several feet high.  Luckily the winds come from the south, so they were pushing me where I needed to go and I was able to find shelter in bays along the way to Carcross.  I made it to the town of Carcross around noon and that was just in time because the wind was only getting angrier.

That is the way it is on these lakes- the headwaters of the Yukon- bad winds from noon to 6 pm but if you travel early and late, the weather is better.


I decided I might as well take an afternoon off in the town of Carcross with the wind as it was.  It is a lovely town.  Situated right on the beaches of northern Lake Bennett.  I spent most of my time at a coffee house pretending to read a book but really half asleep.  It has been a rough last couple of days.  No time for sleep.


I met some friendly folks.  Most from Whitehorse.


Evening came and around 6 pm the wind died enough so that paddling on seemed like a reasonable plan.  I camped at the edge of Windy Arm,ready to cross it early in the morning before the wind picked up again.







HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to the best dad in the world.  My Dad!  Who introduced me to the outdoors in the White Mountains when I was little and taught me by example how to work hard and even harder when things get tough to build the life you want.

Love you Dad!!


My play pen growing up.
Me and my Dad in my “play pen” when I was small.

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