Holy Cross and on to Marshall


“This is our guest, Kristin.  We found her in the woods.”

That is how I was introduced to most of the population of Holy Cross, or at least all of the people who stopped by the Peters Family home that day.  That gave me a good laugh.


After collapsing on the beach at Holy Cross and sleeping until 10 pm, I wandered (or rather limped) into town to find the post office where I had a package of supplies waiting for me.  I was not sure exactly where the post office was but figured if I just kept walking up and down the streets, I would find it (this is my usual strategy).  A woman standing outside her house noticed me.  She waved me over and asked if I’d like a cup of coffee.

Before I knew it, I was invited inside, showered, had my clothes in a washing machine, and was eating hot food and watching tv from a comfy couch with the Peters Family.


The Peters Family.  Some of the best people that I have met on the entire Yukon.  3 girls and a boy, all grown up or in their teens.  Smart, hardworking kids.  One of the girls, who is in her early twenties, has already worked in the village’s community center, had a job on the North Slope and run for Tribal Council and nearly won against her father (who was the one who convinced her to run)  The family had just held the 40 day feast for their father who passed away in June.  His name was Leroy and as it turns out, he loved to take canoers and kayakers in from the Yukon and show them the village.  His family is continuing the tradition.


The Peters family insisted that I at least stay one night.  I met so many lovely people in Holy Cross that I was rather sad to leave the following morning, but the sun was shining and the breeze was light.



On to Russian Mission, past the Devil’s Elbow where some nasty weather held me up for 12 hours, and then on to Marshall in heavy rain and fog, but I felt good and strong thanks to the rest in Holy Cross.


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