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About | Kristin Gates
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About Kristin 

Kristin Gates is a long distance hiker, dog musher, packrafter, kayaker, and writer.  She is best known for becoming the first woman to traverse Alaska's Arctic Brooks Range solo on a 1,000-mile route that she mapped out herself.


She has hiked over 10,000 miles on the National Scenic trails in the North America including the Triple Crown (the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail) which she completed just after turning 23.  She was also the first person to hike the completed Arizona Trail and has kayaked the length of the 2,000+ mile Yukon River solo.  


Her time spent traveling through North America's wilderness areas has created a committed wilderness conservationist and her life is now focused on protecting the places that she loves and promoting sustainability.  She has written articles for a variety of publications including Adventure Kayak Magazine and Backpacking Light.  She has also given talks across the country about her adventures and wilderness conservation issues.  

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  • Coyote Buttes (UT-AZ)
  • At the Chukchi Sea after 1,000 miles
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  • Atigun Gorge2
  • At Camp solo
  • Grand Canyon (Arizona Trail)
  • Worn Wear (by Erin Feinblatt)
  • Gila River, NM (Continental Divide Trail)
  • Lost in the Wave
  • Great Divide Basin (Continental Divide Trail)
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  • Missouri Breaks
  • Lost Coast (California)
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