Kristin Gates

Kristin Gates is a filmmaker who uses documentary film to tell stories that pertain to environmental and human rights issues.  Her most recent work has been with the World Land Trust in Kenya and Mexico, the Wild Tomorrow Fund in South Africa, and around the world on a pole to pole expedition with the Citizen of the World Team.   Much of her documentary work has also focused on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.     

Kristin has lived in Alaska for the last ten years and has become an expert in expedition travel.  She has traveled hundreds of miles by dog team across the Arctic and Subarctic.  She is best known for becoming the first known woman to trek solo across Alaska's Arctic on a 1,000-mile route through the Brooks Range that she mapped out herself.  She then followed up her Arctic Refuge thru-hike by kayaking 2,000 miles down the Yukon River from the Chilkoot Trail to the Bering Sea.    She was also the youngest woman to complete thru-hiking's 7,000+ mile Triple Crown.  She has completed numerous other thru-hikes in the US, Sweden, and Greenland.  


Jeremy Là Zelle

Kristin works with her partner, Jeremy Là Zelle.  Jeremy Là Zelle is a leading adventure and expedition photographer and filmmaker.  His documentary work has led him to the Arctic, the Himalayas, remote regions of Africa and South America, and beyond.  He continually travels the world producing exciting and informative documentaries for TV Networks, Nations, NGOs, Charities, and Social Enterprises who truly make a positive impact on their communities.  Jeremy has written, directed, and produced for National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Animal Planet, and for incredible nations such as the Kingdom of Bhutan, Mexico, Ecuador, Kingdom of Eswatini, Ethiopia, Mauritius, and many more.  Above all, Jeremy dedicates his heart and talents to documenting the work of top scientists and educators across the planet who are changing the world for the better.  “As a filmmaker, I strongly believe that documenting the stories of these incredible individuals and showcasing their work to global audiences will ultimately translate to inspired youth, a better understanding of our collective history, and ultimately the preservation of our natural environment.”