Brooks Range Traverse

I fell in love with the far north when I moved up to the Arctic in 2011 and I refuse to rest until I have seen every arctic river valley, every rocky, punished pass, and every terrible tussock.    

During the summer of 2013, I mapped out a route and crossed the Arctic by foot and packraft so that I could learn it all.  I headed from Fairbanks to Fort Yukon where a bush pilot flew me up to the Yukon/ Alaskan Border for the start of my journey.  From there I headed west-facing cavernous aufeis, giant grizzlies, raging river crossings, ravenous mosquitoes, steep scree slopes, and cruel winds.  I saw wolves, caribou, wolverines and bald eagles.  I spent time in remote villages where I was taught me how to catch Sheefish and Chum Salmon and how to eat Eskimo Potatoes.  I visited the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes, paddled across the feared Kobuk Lake and found myself standing at the edge of the Chukchi Sea.  The trip was 1,000 miles in all.  700 miles of bushwhacking and 300 miles of packrafting.  Although the journey took 51 days, I spent several months in preparation to increase the probability of success.  You can hike for weeks and see no fences, no signs, no roads.  It was the wildest, most difficult expedition I have ever been on.  It was a perfect adventure.  

Enjoy some pictures below.